EUSI and Pixxel’s Pioneering Hyperspectral Imagery Partnership

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Introduction to the Strategic Alliance

European Space Imaging (EUSI) has recently announced a pivotal partnership with Pixxel, granting direct access to the most sophisticated hyperspectral imagery available today. This strategic move not only enhances EUSI’s capabilities in creating insightful products but also sets a new standard in remote sensing applications across the region.

EUSI’s Enhanced Service Offering

As a leading provider of very high resolution (VHR) satellite imagery, EUSI’s collaboration with Pixxel, a trailblazer in hyperspectral earth-imaging technology, solidifies its position as a central hub for Earth Observation (EO) data. This partnership enables customers to access Pixxel’s extensive hyperspectral dataset, in addition to EUSI’s world-class optical and SAR imagery, all from a single, integrated source.

The Impact of Hyperspectral Data in the Market

High-quality hyperspectral imagery, previously a challenging dataset to obtain in the Earth observation community, is now within reach. Adrian Zevenbergen, CEO of European Space Imaging, highlights the potential of this technology to significantly influence various global industries. This collaboration is set to bring the benefits of hyperspectral data to the forefront, aligning with Europe’s goals in agriculture and energy production through advanced remote sensing techniques.


Statements from Industry Leaders

Awais Ahmed, co-founder and CEO of Pixxel, expresses enthusiasm about partnering with EUSI. He emphasizes that EUSI’s confidence in Pixxel’s technology, combined with their robust reputation, will be crucial in expanding their footprint across Europe and North Africa.

Educational Initiatives and Market Adoption

Pixxel’s sensors, capable of capturing up to 250 bands at a 5m resolution with daily revisits, are poised to drive significant change detection in sectors like agriculture, forestry, energy, and mining. Aakash Parekh, Pixxel’s chief commercial officer, is keen on collaborating with EUSI’s geospatial experts and their extensive network to foster education and adoption of hyperspectral data, highlighting its unique capabilities in environmental monitoring.

Future Plans and Expansion

Pixxel has already made impressive strides, raising US$71 million and securing over 50 early adopter customers globally. With three hyperspectral satellites in orbit and plans to launch six more in 2024 and an additional 18 by 2025, Pixxel is on track to build a comprehensive health monitor for the planet, marking a new era in Earth observation technology.

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