Discover the CHC Navigation Apache 3 Pro: Compact Hydrographic Drone

Shanghai, China – November 24, 2023 – CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) introduced the Apache 3 Pro, a revolutionary compact hydrographic drone designed to redefine the landscape of autonomous bathymetric surveys in…
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Shanghai, China – November 24, 2023 – CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) introduced the Apache 3 Pro, a revolutionary compact hydrographic drone designed to redefine the landscape of autonomous bathymetric surveys in shallow waters. This cutting-edge solution will set a new standard in the industry by combining advanced technology, durability, and unmatched precision.

Let’s get to know this new product closely.

Key Features of the Apache 3 Pro:

  1. Lightweight Carbon Fiber Hull

    Weighing a mere 10 kg, the Apache 3 Pro boasts a lightweight yet robust macromolecular polyester carbon fiber and Kevlar composite hull. This design ensures exceptional resilience, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of operating conditions.

  2. IP67 Rating for Durability

    The drone features an IP67 rating, guaranteeing dust and water-tightness. This level of protection ensures the integrity of on-board components, allowing the Apache 3 Pro to perform reliably under various circumstances.

  3. GNSS RTK + Inertial Navigation Sensor

    CHCNAV’s proprietary navigation system provides consistent, high-precision positioning and heading data. The Apache 3 Pro maintains accuracy even in challenging scenarios, such as navigating under bridges or in areas with obstructed satellite signals.

  4. CHCNAV D270 Echosounder

    The built-in echosounder enables reliable depth measurement ranging from 0.2 to 40 meters. This feature ensures precise data collection, contributing to the drone’s exceptional performance in bathymetric surveys.

  5. Millimeter-Wave Radar System

    Equipped with a millimeter-wave radar system, the Apache 3 Pro boasts a wide 110° field of view for advanced obstacle avoidance. The drone autonomously charts new courses to navigate obstacles, ensuring efficient and safe survey operations.

  6. Seamless Connectivity

    The integrated SIM and network bridge, coupled with automatic switching capabilities, guarantee reliable communications. This, along with seamless cloud-based remote monitoring, provides real-time status updates, enhancing control and security.

  7. Semi-Recessed Brushless Internal Rotor Motors

    The innovative motor design minimizes drafts, improving maneuverability in varying water depths. Additionally, it enhances protection, reducing the risk of damage and extending motor life.

  8. Versatile Deployment

    The Apache 3 Pro’s design facilitates single-operator control, allowing for easy deployment in diverse environmental conditions. The lightweight construction, combined with advanced features, ensures versatility and ease of use.

  9. Advanced Propulsion Design

    The drone’s propulsion design not only increases protection but also allows speeds of up to 6 m/s. This, paired with the semi-recessed motor, enhances endurance and maneuverability.

  10. Additional Functionalities

    In addition to its standard package, the Apache 3 Pro can be equipped with water analysis probes. These probes measure water quality parameters such as pH, temperature, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. This data is invaluable for environmental scientists and hydrographers.

“The Apache 3 Pro sets a new standard for shallow water bathymetric surveys. Its lightweight, rugged design, integrated navigation, and enhanced obstacle avoidance enable efficient, high-precision data collection even in challenging conditions.” – Taxiya Wang, Product Manager at CHC Navigation


CHC Navigation Apache 3 Pro stands as a compact, professional unmanned surface vehicle (USV), poised to revolutionize autonomous bathymetric surveys. Its exceptional features, from the lightweight design to advanced obstacle avoidance and connectivity options, position it as a versatile and high-performing solution in the hydrographic industry. CHC Navigation’s commitment to innovation is evident in the Apache 3 Pro, making it a game-changer for those seeking efficiency, precision, and control in bathymetric survey operations.

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