7 Actionable Digital Twin Tips to 74% Sell Faster Real Estate

This is a list of actionable digital twin tips for Real Estate agents. In fact, these tips helped many real estate agents to sell their 74% faster their property: So…
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This is a list of actionable digital twin tips for Real Estate agents.

In fact, these tips helped many real estate agents to sell their 74% faster their property:

So if you want more traffic from every piece of property that you want to sell, you’ll love this list of tips and benefits.

Thanks to photogrammetry solutions and digital twins can allow an ultimate experience for real estate too.

Let’s get started,

1) Create Your Tags

digital twin for Real estate
Credit: Matterport

The first step should be designing your tags,  I mean it will be very helpful to explain your property to your potential customer. So I extremely recommend that you use detailed tags for each project!

Embed pop-up notes, links, and videos into your 3D model

2) Look at Dollhouse (General) View

digital twin for Real estate doll house view
Credit: Matterport

Another important section is giving a general view of the property. So whatever platform you use to create doesn’t matter, show them

Photorealistic and fully interactive 3D outside view perspective

3) Blur Brush for Privacy

digital twin for Real estate blur brush
Credit: Matterport

This is also an important step as before because it shows them you are respectful of privacy. So, please blur very special things that belong to your property owners.

Protect privacy by blurring faces and personal information

4) Floor Plans

digital twin for Real estate floor plan
Credit: Matterport

The floor plan will be automatically created when you start using any platform to create digital twins. Get a better sense of the overall look and feel of the property.

5) Extract 4K Photos

digital twin for Real estate 4k photos
Credit: Matterport

Of course, you will need still high-resolution photos to add another selling platform.  The good news, you don’t need to pay any other photographer to get HQ photos. Your digital twin project has also thousands of HQ photos. So you can choose the best one and extract it from the models.

Extract High-Resolution photos from models shot with the Pro2 camera

6) Measure Anything

digital twin for Real estate measure anything
Credit: Matterport

Here we are, the best benefit of the digital twin project, I think.  Yes, the accurate measurement is a very special benefit, because your potential customer may want to know that how many feet the saloon and dinner tables are? You can give them any measure in the model millimeters in seconds.

Accurately measure anything within your 3D model for a true depiction of a property’s dimensions

7) Redesign with Virtual Staging (Optional)

digital twin for Real estate virtual staging
Credit: Matterport

Digitally furnish your vacant property to help buyers visualize their new home. Some platforms such as Matterport give you this opportunity.

Bonus Video

If you need to hear more about digital twins, look at this article!

What is a Digital Twin?

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope this post showed you how to increase visitors using some cool strategies.

Now I’d like to what you have to say.

Which technique from this post are you exiting most?

Maybe you want to start your first digital twin-supported project.

Either way, let me know in the comments section below.

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