Esri’s Platform as a Service Launched

Esri announced a new product called ArcGIS Platform as a Service launched with an event video, which includes presentations from Esri president Jack Dangermond and Esri staff. ArcGIS Platform is…
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Esri announced a new product called ArcGIS Platform as a Service launched with an event video, which includes presentations from Esri president Jack Dangermond and Esri staff.

ArcGIS Platform is a location-focused platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for when you need to integrate location capabilities into your apps, business systems, and products. ArcGIS Platform provides access to Esri’s location services using your APIs of choice—including open-source APIs. It also allows you to create apps using ArcGIS APIs, SDKs, and app builders.  

ArcGIS Platform delivers as discrete services, and with this level of access, you can build innovative solutions using the most comprehensive, high-quality set of location services, data, and mapping tools available.

Bring your dev experience with you

ArcGIS Platform allows you the flexibility to build apps using the client API that best fits your needs. You can work directly with our location services using open-source mapping libraries like Leaflet, GL JS, OpenLayers, and ArcGIS REST JS. ArcGIS Platform also provides a set of full feature mapping APIs, SDKs, and services for building and deploying location-focused apps. This includes our ArcGIS API for JavaScript for web development, ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for mobile and desktop platforms, and low-code app builders.

Geocode addresses

High-quality and comprehensive location services

ArcGIS Platform provides access to the most comprehensive, highest-quality set of location services available. With these services, you can build powerful capabilities into your apps and solutions and deliver amazing geospatial content.

  • Basemaps: These ready-to-use basemaps serve as the geographic foundation for your application.
  • Data Hosting: Host your data securely in the ArcGIS Platform in your preferred format and create services to visualize, edit, and analyze your authoritative data.
  • Data Visualization: Utilize powerful data visualization tools to see unique patterns and relationships. Using data-driven visualizations, you can create rich interactive 2D and 3D maps.
  • Geocoding and Search: Search and display global addresses and place-names on a map and get accurate, reliable results.
  • Routing and Directions: Find the quickest or shortest route based on time and distance, generate turn-by-turn directions, and perform intelligent network analysis with ready-to-use routing and directions.
  • Maps and Data: Ready-to-use datasets include demographics; psychographics and business data; live feeds such as traffic and weather; places; movement data; and high-quality imagery.
  • Spatial Analytics: These tools work both client-side for highly interactive user experiences as well as server-side to help you scale with massive amounts of data.
Securely host data

Stay on budget 

ArcGIS Platform provides developer-friendly pricing that allows you to pay only for what you need and scale as your needs grow. When you get started with your free account, you have access to generous allowances of location services transactions at no cost, then pay as you go for additional service usage. You can also deploy an unlimited number of apps at no extra cost. The new pricing calculator will help you determine your future costs based on your anticipated usage. 

Reduce development time and effort 

Esri provides a robust developer experience to help you be successful with ArcGIS Platform. You can access a detailed developer guide that includes documentation and tutorials for our location services and tools, ready-to-use maps to get you started, and ready-to-use content to help you quickly bring your apps to life. 

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