Webinar: The Rehabilitation Of A Railroad Tunnel Using Reconstructor

Table of Contents Toggle The Essential Support Of 3d Technology In Infrastructure ProjectsWebinar Key Points:Reconstructor is a powerful software for LiDAR data processing used worldwide: The Essential Support Of 3d…
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The Essential Support Of 3d Technology In Infrastructure Projects

The survey of railroad tunnels is deemed to be critical for a number of reasons. Cross-sections, profiles, surface modelling, as-built control are the key points for the rehabilitation of the existing structures. Getting a deeper knowledge of the as-built and its landscape, or running a simulation of new elements into existing structures are requests that make it essential to operate in the 3D environment.

Reconstructor software supports these and further tasks. To automatically register data by different instruments, to directly export to ReCap Pro and access the CAD environment, to get a 3D as-built/as-designed comparison are just some of the Reconstructor benefits that make the difference in the infrastructure field.

Guests from WIESO will introduce to an interesting tunnelling project where the 3D laser scanner data of a railroad tunnel have been processed with the Reconstructor to obtain an accurate 3D model and a CAD model.

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Webinar Key Points:

  • FEATURED CASE: the experience in a railroad tunnel rehabilitation project
  • WORKFLOW: Acquisition – Reconstructor processing – CAD delivery
  • RECONSTRUCTOR software overview

Reconstructor is a powerful software for LiDAR data processing used worldwide:

  • Import, processing, management of main point clouds and raw data formats from laser scanners (terrestrial, handheld, mobile, airborne).
  • Integration of point cloud models from UAV and photogrammetric surveys.
  • Automatic target-less registration of 3D scans from various instruments (LineUp technology).
  • Colourization of point clouds with RGB images from high-res cameras.
  • Direct export of outputs and formats to the main third-party software (e.g ReCap Pro).
  • Creation of mesh models.
  • Computation of volumes, areas, profiles, contour lines.

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